Welcome to the Alabama Coaltion for Healthy Mothers and Children (ACHMC) website. Our vision is that every child in Alabama and the world would someday have a healthy and safe beginning in life and that every mother know that they and their children have the hope of a safe, healthy, and positive life. The ACHMC is a consortium of universities, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, churches, and others who seek to uplift the needs of mothers and children in Alabama and around the world. To learn more about the organization, please see our listing. 

The Magic of Reading Aloud to Babies

August 22, 2019

It is never too early to read aloud to babies and the benefits are tremendous.


Meet the ACHMC board:

Dr. Gary Furr, President      Dr. Kathy Chandler, Vice President      Ms. Barbara Vandergriff, Secretary     Mrs. Millie Ehrett, Treasurer

Members at Large:     Ms. Kay Worley     Mrs. Tammy Ruffin     Dr. Martha Wingate     Mrs. Yvette Burt      

Advisory Board:     Dr. Martha Strange     Ms. Marjorie Ray     Dr. Anne Stafford Bormann